"We must see and understand West Virginia as it is today and must have a vision of what it can be in the new time of the new century...one people, one state, working together for mutual progress."        - Cecil H Underwood, January 13, 1997



Mission West Virginia has two programs that work to create stronger communities throughout the state. To learn more about each program click on the buttons below. 


Mission Statement

Mission West Virginia changes the lives of youth and families.  We promote positive futures by recruiting foster families, providing life skills education and creating community connections. 

Vision Statement

One people, one state, working together to provide every child with a loving family and the knowledge to make positive choices for a healthier future. 


Gov. Underwood asked Rev. Dr. F. Emerson Wood of Huntington to serve as the organization’s first executive director. A board of directors numbering 21 women and men were recruited. These directors represented all areas of the state and were comprised of religious leaders, business leaders, community organizers, leaders of higher education and various other professionals. 501(c)(3) status was granted by the Internal Revenue Service in 1997. Under Dr. Wood’s leadership, Mission West Virginia began to grow and flourish. Early program successes included a statewide recruitment of adoptive and foster parents, a program called Faith and Families that linked local congregations with families receiving public assistance, and the beginning of the organization’s technology initiative.