SMART529 Smart Start Award

Funding the Future for Children Adopted from Foster Care in West Virginia

The office of the West Virginia State Treasurer has partnered with Frameworks, a program of Mission West Virginia to raise funds to benefit children adopted from foster care in West Virginia. This program will give you an opportunity to continue to save and invest in your child’s education with a jump-start through the SMART 529 College Savings Plan Award.

Applications are due by Midnight on July 16th. Recipients will be notified by July 19, 2019.

To be eligible, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Child must be a resident of WV

  • Child must be age 12 or younger as of July 8, 2019

  • Child must be adopted from the WV foster care system with finalized adoption at the time of application

  • A child who has received this award in the past is not eligible to receive it again

  • A child who has applied in the past and did not receive the award is eligible to apply again

  • A child who has not received the award, but his/her sibling(s) received the award in the past is eligible if he/she meets the other requirements

  • Parents/Guardians must agree to the Official Contest Rules as stated in the application