Care Packages for Youth in Foster Care

Have you ever received an unexpected gift or a fun package in the mail? Did it lift your spirits? It most likely did! You can create this type of joy in the life of a child in foster care by providing care packages.


There are youth in foster care who are legally eligible for adoption and waiting to be matched with a loving forever family.  They especially need to know that there are people who care about them and are “looking out” for their best interest. Our workers get to know these kids and their likes/dislikes and can work with you as you create care packages that are unique like the child who will receive your gifts. In addition, you can exchange mail through our office with the child you are matched with and they will often send thank you cards or other messages back.

What’s involved in the care package program?

As a Care Package volunteer, you or the group of people who sign up will agree to send care packages to the child you are matched with. These packages should be given to the child for their birthday, Christmas and a 3rd holiday chosen by the volunteer(s). While we cannot provide the location of the child or details about their history, you will receive the child’s name, birthday, grade in school, age, their interests, their favorite foods, sport teams, books, movies and hobbies. When your care package is ready, deliver it to Mission West Virginia and we will give it to the child.

How do I sign up for the care package program?

This is a great volunteer opportunity for individuals, families, businesses or clubs. If you or a group of people would like to be matched with a child, email fosteradopt(at) or call 304-562-0723. After you have been assigned a child to send packages, you or someone from the group will sign an agreement that for one year you will provide care packages for a child in care. If the child you are providing for is matched with a forever family, we will match you with a new child.

Carrie Dawson