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Meet Serenity! She is sweet, bubbly and down to earth. Currently in the 10th grade, Serenity really enjoys school. She also does very well in her classes and is determined to maintain her good grades. Serenity recently ended her school year with a 4.0 GPA.

She would really enjoy getting the opportunity to go to a beauty salon to get her hair and nails done because she loves experimenting with hair and makeup. Lately, Serenity has taken an interest in nice tennis shoes and prides herself on taking great care of them. Playing outside, swimming, and watching the Seattle Seahawks play are just a few examples of what Serenity enjoys in her life.

Serenity would really like to be adopted. She needs a forever family that will be loving, patient, have consistent rules and a reward and discipline system. She also needs a family who will be open to visitation with her siblings and their families. Recently when discussing families with Serenity she said, “A family would mean everything to me right now in my life!”

Born: November 2004

jacob (1).png

This 14 year old ambitious young man is Jacob. He is a good student, enjoys playing video games and being outdoors. He is athletic and a good team player. He has played basketball, baseball and is interested in playing for his school’s football team. Jacob’s favorite color is red and favorite animal is a dog.

Jacob has experienced significant loss in his life. He is working hard to find appropriate ways to express himself. Jacob need a forever family who will be supportive, nurturing, stable, loving and provide him with positive guidance.

Born: July 2005

Kobe (1).png

This sweet boy is Kobe! He is 10 years old. Kobe needs a forever family who can give him lots of hugs, patience and positive attention. Due to issues from his past, Kobe does not like to be alone. He would like to have an energetic family who enjoys getting out and doing fun activities. He would also like to have siblings, it is felt he will be most successful if he is the youngest child in the home.

Kobe has an active imagination and loves to build with Legos. He also enjoys watching and playing football. He hopes to have a forever family who can share in his love of sports and support his involvement in activities and being outdoors.

Born: March 2009

This active young man is Angelous, he prefers to be called Angel. Angel loves being outside, loves Transformers, enjoys Pokémon, playing with Lego blocks, and playing video games.   Angel has faced a lot in his young life, overcoming many challenges along the way. He is currently in a residential treatment facility attending therapy to help him cope and move onto a bright new future. He has made moderate strides since he has been in this program. It is felt that he will be most successful in a forever home where he is the youngest or only child.

Angel needs a forever family that has an uplifting environment, so he can develop a strong sense of self-worth. He needs a loving and caring forever family that can provide him with stability, structure and positive attention. Given the issues from his past, Angel is overcoming past obstacles on a daily basis. Angel needs a home with a strong, positive male figure. He needs parents who will be patient with him and help him overcome issues from his past. He needs parents who will not give up on him.

Angel also has a younger biological sister who he loves. Angel wants his forever family to allow him continued contact with his sister.  

*Angel needs a family who will commit to the love, time and patience needed to allow him to adjust to his new home. His new forever family should be open to utilizing services that may help him during this time of transition. He needs parents who will help him in his academics and show patience with him when he is acting out. He needs parents who will stick by him in time of trouble and not give up on him.

Quintajia 250.jpg

Quintajia is an energetic and friendly young lady who is 18 years old.  She likes to keep busy and is very inquisitive. She enjoys drawing, coloring and doing arts and crafts. She also likes to play video games. She loves seafood, animals and just playing with other kids.

Quintajia attends therapy to address issues from her past and this will need to continue as she transitions into her forever home. She very much wants a forever family of her own.  She has said she would like to have a mother and possibly older siblings. Those around her feel a positive older role model would be good for her. She needs a forever home that can provide stability, routine, consistency, set boundaries and lots of love.


Meet Jenna who is 18. She is working hard in her studies and will graduate this May. Jenna hopes to attend college in the Fall, which she is still undecided in what she wants to major. Jenna loves to read and it is not uncommon for her to finish reading three or four sci-fi books in a week.  She likes to explore with fashion, makeup and hair and go shopping.  Jenna also enjoys writing short stories in her journal.

Jenna has experienced numerous disappointments in her short life. It is felt that she will thrive in a home with attention and love. Jenna is open to all types of family composition. She’s ok with other siblings being in the home. She would like a home where the family is active, enjoys going places, loving and will not give up on her.

Dominick 2.JPG

Dominick is a 12 year old young man who is very loving and has bounds of energy. He loves the outdoors and would prefer to be outside playing or taking a walk.  His favorite toys are trucks and matchbox cars. He has a wonderful imagination.Dominick enjoys blowing bubbles, playing in sand and doing arts and crafts. He loves cats and would like a family that has cats or is open to allowing him to have a cat.

Dominick has faced a lot in his young life, overcome many challenges along the way. He attends therapy to help him cope and move on to a bright new future. He needs a family with a lot of patience and love. He needs parents who will stick by him in times of trouble and not give up on him. Dominick's worker feels he will be most successful in a two parent home with no more than a few teenagers in it. He bonds well with older people and would thrive in a large extended family with grandparents and lots of aunts and uncles.

Dominick has a biological sister that means the world to him. His forever family will need to commit to continued contact with his sister. Dominick has faith that his forever family is out there. He looks forward to being part of a forever family.

Born: August 2006


Anna can be quiet upon first meeting but once she warms up, she is friendly and outgoing. Anna is a happy and engaging teen who can be found reading or working on various arts and crafts. She enjoys reading everything from Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys novels to Harry Potter. She recently began learning to crochet and appears to have a budding interest in journaling.

When asked what type of home Anna would like to see herself in, she expressed an interest in a home with a swimming pool or horses. She would like to have a forever family that isn’t “rude.” Anna’s worker feels she will be the most successful in a home where she is the only child. Anna requires a nurturing family capable of providing structure and consistency in a secure and safe environment. 

Born: March 2002

Carolyn is a fun and likable 14 year old. She loves her stuffed animals and dolls. She likes to run and play outside and loves animals, especially horses. She also has recently participated in gymnastics time and has really enjoyed it.

Carolyn has experienced a lot in her young life and has proven to be very adaptable and able to bond with adults. She will need a family that will provide structure, one on one attention and lots of love. Carolyn would like a family with a mom, dad and a pet. She would love to live on a farm and learn to take care of animals.

Born: February 2005


Shelby is is a spunky, full of energy, friendly, helpful and nurturing 16 year old young lady. She enjoys shopping, running track, cheerleading, listening to different types of music and loves to eat at Chinese restaurants.

Shelby is looking for a forever home that consists of parents who will commit to her. Her forever family will also need to be willing to allow her to maintain her loving relationship with her older sister and facilitate phone contact as well as face to face visits. Her new parents will need to be committed to continuing her therapy, provide her with structure, consistency, an abundance of love, patience and understanding.

Born: June 2003


Maranda reports that she is sweet and loving “when she wants to be."   She has a good sense of humor and enjoys going shopping for books and clothes; she says she wouldn’t mind to be spoiled. She enjoys reading and learning different makeup techniques.  She is 17 years old. 

She would love to have a home where she could have a cat or possibly dogs or horses. Maranda would love to have a mother and father and be the only child. She would also like to go out for “ Family Fun Friday nights.” 

Anna (1).png

Damen is a loving 15 year old boy who wants to learn as much as he can about topics that interest him. He enjoys being around animals and growing vegetable gardens. Damen is very in tune with his feelings and of those around him. He will pick a flower bouquet or give multiple hugs to ensure that you are feeling better. Damen enjoys building with Lego blocks and playing with his DS. 

Damen needs a forever family that will never give up on him and be a consistent place where he can feel wanted. He is incredibly smart in subjects that interest him but needs some patience and understanding with topics that don't make sense to him. Damen needs forever parents who will advocate for his educational needs to make sure they are being met. 

Born: October 2003

Deanna with FW logo.jpg

Deanna is in the 9th grade this year and is 15 years old. She is artistic and likes to sing. She is interested in being in the school band. She also likes to write songs and poetry. She is kind-hearted, spontaneous and has a great imagination. 

Deanna is looking for a mom and dad but is also open to a female same sex couple to be her forever family. She will need to have a gradual transition period to move into her new home. She needs parents who are very patient, loving, understanding and supportive

Born: October 2003


Dominique is in the 6th grade, is 12 years old and ishoping for a family to call her own. Dominique appears to be a shy, quiet girl, however, once she is comfortable in her surroundings she opens up. She enjoys swimming and has most recently begun running. She has joined a running group for girls and has the goal to run a 5k. 

She also enjoys drawing, making rubber band bracelets and playing with modeling clay. When asked what she is proud of about herself she said that she is helpful. 

Dominique needs a forever family that will be supportive of the services she currently receives. She has three siblings who she maintains contact with and her new family will need to be willing to help facilitate this as well. 


Meet Nathan, he is a 13 year old that likes to stay busy. He would like a family that would get him involved in sports (possibly basketball), Boy Scouts or other activities. Nathan enjoys everything Justice League and Marvel. He is also a huge science fiction fan. Lately Nathan has been doing well in his classes at school. He also has taken a strong interest in art recently and seems to have a natural talent for it.

Nathan is looking for an active family that can provide him a safe and secure home. He would benefit from a family that will advocate for his needs.

Born: July 2005


Tatyana is a happy child who is looking for a loving, caring and nurturing home. She is 10 years old, has a pleasant smile and beautiful reddish blond hair. She loves to learn and thrives in this kind of environment. Tatyana loves to play with her dolls, swim, ride her bike and help around the house.

Tatyana needs a family that will stick with her through thick and thin. She thrives when given one on one attention. Her forever family will need to demonstrate patience while she adjusts to her new home. It is felt that Tatyana will be most successful in a home where she is the youngest or only child in the home. She needs parents who will be committed to her and provide her the opportunity to learn and to acknowledge her success.