Mission West Virginia, Inc.
Board of Directors’ Meeting
Friday, March 31, 2017
The meeting is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m.
Location: United Way of Central WV
United Way Square
Charleston, WV

Call to Order –Dr. Robin Lewis, acting Board President
Review and Approval of June 3rd, 2016 Meeting Minutes
Review and Approval of Executive Committee Meeting Minutes August 11th, 2016
Organizational briefing

Immediate Business
Review of current board membership - Consideration of Reelection of members whose terms have expired 12/31/16
Discussion of and Election of Officers
Discussion of Executive Committee recommendation for creation of emeritus board member status

Executive Director’s Report – David Rogers
Organizational Activities
o 2017 proposed budget provided to Finance in 2017 – require approval
o 2015 Indirect Cost Rate proposal submitted
o Audit engagement letter, audit scheduled for early May
• Recommendation for motion for audit deadline to be complete by 6/30/17
• Automatic extension for 2016 990 being prepared for timely submission
o Formation of Safety Committee and review of minute per Board of Risk Management Requirements
o BIKISI update

Associate Director’s Report – Kelly Thompson
Grant Activities: Upcoming, Current and Program Developments
• FrameWorks
MWV Financial Overview
Upcoming and New Funding Opportunities

Program Budgets

Human Resources

Board of Directors

Unfinished Business

Review of recommended changes to Organization Mission
The board worked to revise the mission of the organization to better fit the expansion and focus of programs over the years. After much deliberation, the Executive Committee members came up with the proposed new mission statement:
Mission West Virginia and its partners create brighter futures for families and communities across WV through advocacy, education and awareness.

Confirmation of member terms
Mission West Virginia, 20th Anniversary

New Business
Establish 2017 Calendar for board meetings
2017 Proposed Meeting Dates
June 9th; September 8th and December 8th
10am – 2pm

Nominations for new board members

Other new business as brought by the board