Why Children in West Virginia's Foster Care System Need You

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For the last few years, the number of children in foster care in West Virginia has been rising. More and more children are being placed in foster care and need a safe and loving family to care for them while their parents go through the court process.

Children need to be able to be children, no worries about when their next meal will be, no worries about getting to school or having clean clothes to wear. These children need an adult who can show them kindness and provide a safe place for them to let their worries rest.  If there aren’t enough available families, a child might have to leave their familiar community and school to stay with a family in another county.  Children thrive when they are in a supportive family setting and having just one caring adult in their life can make all the difference.

If this is something you’ve considered, waiting until the “right” time comes along may never happen and these children need you now. If you have an extra bed or room and a love for children and family, being a foster parent might be one of the most rewarding choices you ever make.

In West Virginia, there is little to no cost to become a certified foster or adoptive parent. If you would like to learn more, please visit our website to request an information packet or give us a call at 1-866-CALL-MWV.  

Carrie Dawson