On this page you will find stories from WV families who have opened their homes and hearts to youth in foster care. Whether you have adopted, you are a certified family waiting for your first placement or you are just starting the process of becoming a foster and/or adoptive family, we hope these stories fill you with hope and inspiration. 

The Shamblin family

The Shamblin family shares their inspiring story about providing foster care for youth in West Virginia and adopting their two daughters who were legally eligible for adoption and waiting for a forever family of their own. With the support of their community, they've been able to do more for children than they could have ever imagined and they believe that you can too. 


The Thompson family

The Thompson Family shares their story about their journey from "empty-nesters" to becoming foster parents, bonding with the children placed in their care and how it ultimately led them to realize the need to adopt teens in care who are at risk of aging out of the system. They want you to know that being a foster parent matters. 

The Cochran Family

The Cochran family thought they needed to adopt younger children so that they wouldn’t miss out on “firsts” but after they met their 10 year old son who was in foster care and available for adoption, they learned that there are still lots of firsts with older kids. Their son had never had a birthday or been to the beach and they were able to create a lot of great memories together. They’ve now adopted two great kids from foster care in West Virginia. They encourage you to consider fostering and/or adopting older children who need the love of a caring family.