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Quintajia is an energetic and friendly young lady who is 16 years old.  She likes to keep busy and is very inquisitive. She enjoys drawing, coloring and doing arts and crafts. She also likes to play video games. She loves seafood, animals and just playing with other kids.

Quintajia attends therapy to address issues from her past and this will need to continue as she transitions into her forever home. She very much wants a forever family of her own.  She has said she would like to have a mother and possibly older siblings. Those around her feel a positive older role model would be good for her. She needs a forever home that can provide stability, routine, consistency, set boundaries and lots of love.

Angela or Angel as she prefers to be called, is 11 years old,  a good student academically and she loves her teacher. She likes going to church, singing in the choir, playing with baby dolls, riding her bike, coloring and playing outdoors.  Angel is a loving little girl and sweetheart.

Angel takes a little while to bond but with continued therapy and the right family who understands this, she will be a wonderful addition to her forever family. Angel’s worker feels she should be transitioned into her forever home on a gradual basis and she should be the youngest child in the home.


Meet Jasmine. She is 11 years old and has big brown expressive eyes. She has a wide range of facial expressions that will delight those around her. Jasmine is a great defender of her peers and she loves to negotiate on behalf of herself and others. She enjoys making crafts and is very creative. She is an inquisitive child and is good at using her imagination to create scenarios. Some of her favorite things are horses, swimming and ice cream.

Jasmine understands what a family is and she would very much like to be part of a family who loves her and will keep her safe. She thrives on being assured she is in a safe home and the people around her will protect her. Jasmine’s worker feels she will be the most successful in a home with only girls and her being the oldest child.



This young lady is Anna. She is the second oldest to a sibling group of 5 girls. Due to the issues from her past, she is to be adopted singly. Anna likes to play dress up, Barbies and video games.  Like her sisters, Anna has an eye lens problem that prevents her from rough play. Vigorous play can cause her eye lens to dislocate, this would result in blindness for her. Keeping her more settled can be a challenge because Anna likes to be on the go.

Anna needs a forever family who will be committed to her and allow her the time she needs to bond. She needs supervision, structure, love and security.  

Born: March 2002

Carolyn is a fun and likable 11 year old. She loves her stuffed animals and dolls. She likes to play outside and loves animals. At her current placement, Carolyn takes part in pet therapy on a regular basis and really enjoys this time. She likes to play with play-doh, color, make crafts and have her nails painted.

Carolyn has experienced a lot in her young life and has proven to be very adaptable and able to bond with adults. She enjoys being a kid and is learning social etiquette. She will need a family that will provide structure, consistency, stability, one-on-one attention and lots of love. Carolyn wants to be a part of a family, but will need to learn what that means and appropriate roles within a family. Carolyn will likely do better with no other children in the home. Carolyn would like a family with a mom, dad and a pet. She would love to live on a farm and learn to take care of animals.

Robert is a quiet and shy 16 year old boy. He enjoys playing basketball, riding dirt bikes, playing video games and being outside. His favorite food is pizza, he likes playing with wrestling figures and board games.

Robert is looking for a forever family to call his own. He would like to live out in the country or on a farm. He would like to be around other kids and he would like to have a pet. Robert needs a forever family who is understanding of the effects of abuse and neglect on a child. He needs parents who are supportive, nurturing and patient.

Zira is a bright 16 year old who likes to seek out new opportunities to learn. She enjoys reading mystery and suspense novels as well as books to help her gain knowledge about subjects that interest her.  Zira is the oldest of 4 girls and is accustomed to assuming the leadership role.  When in contact with her sisters, she wants to know that they are all doing well and is good at encouraging them to do better.  Zira has a creative imagination and a great sense of humor.

Zira is a good advocate for herself and can express how she is feeling.  Zira is hoping to find a forever family that will accept her for who she is and never give up on her.  She would prefer to live in a bigger city and has dreams of attending Marshall University to become a psychiatrist.

Meet Tony, he is 13 years old and has a beautiful, infectious smile. Tony loves to eat and would eat all of the time if he were allowed. His favorite foods are chicken, peanut butter, French fries and hamburgers. Tony now has the ability to use utensils to feed himself and only requires some assistance. Tony is a healthy little boy who is very loving and he loves animals.

Tony has several diagnoses, he is receiving occupational and speech therapy through his IEP. He receives one on one assistance throughout most of his waking hours.

Tony needs a forever family who will love him, advocate for him and be committee to meeting his needs. Tony’s worker feels he would do best in a home with two parents. He needs to be the youngest child in the home, this will allow him the level of care that he requires.

Damen is a loving child who wants to learn as much as he can about topics that interest him. He enjoys being around animals and growing vegetable gardens. Damen is very in tune with his feelings and of those around him. He will pick a flower bouquet or give multiple hugs to ensure that you are feeling better. Damen enjoys building with Lego blocks and playing with his DS. 

Damen needs a forever family that will never give up on him and be a consistent place where he can feel wanted. He is incredibly smart in subjects that interest him but needs some patience and understanding with topics that don't make sense to him. Damen needs forever parents who will advocate for his educational needs to make sure they are being met. 

Born: October 2003

Deanna with FW logo.jpg

Meet Deanna, she is 13 years old and will be in the 8th grade this year. She is artistic and likes to sing. She is interested in being in the school band. She also likes to write songs and poetry. She is kind-hearted, spontaneous and has a great imagination. 

Deanna is looking for a mom and dad but is also open to a female same sex couple to be her forever family. She will need to have a gradual transition period to move into her new home. She needs parents who are very patient, loving, understanding and supportive. 
Many children in West Virginia are legally eligible to be adopted and are waiting for permanent and loving families.