Open Your Life to Adoption. Open Your Life to Damen.

Damen is a loving 14 year old boy that wants to learn as much as he can about topics that interest him. He enjoys being around animals and growing vegetable gardens. Damen is very in tune with the feelings of those around him. He will pick a flower bouquet or give multiple hugs to ensure that you are feeling better. Damen enjoys building with Legos and playing with his Nintendo DS.

Damen is a child that has experienced very little consistency in his short life. It is extremely important to Damen that his forever family never give up on him and be a consistent place where he can feel wanted. He is incredibly smart in subjects that interest him but needs some patience and understanding with topics that don't make sense to him. Damen needs forever parents who will advocate for his educational needs to make sure they are being met.

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Help Us Share Sunday's Child

Our goal at Mission West Virginia is to recruit both foster and adoptive parents.  With nearly 7,000 children in foster care in WV, there is constant need for parents to care for children in temporary foster care.  Children are removed from their parents and placed into foster due to abuse and neglect.  The drug epidemic especially is having a strong impact on the rising numbers of children in care.  

When families cannot safely be reunified, parents’ rights are terminated and children become eligible for adoption.  One of our jobs is to find loving adoptive families for these children.  We believe there is a family out there for every waiting child and could use your help finding them.  Once a month,  we feature a child who is eligible for adoption in Sunday’s Child, a column that features a photo and narrative description of a waiting child.   We are asking you to share Sunday’s Child with your congregation, either through PowerPoint, inserted in the bulletin or by putting the child on your church's prayer list.                                       

If you are interested in sharing Sunday’s Child column at your church, please email Kylee Hassan or call 304-562-0273.   We are also available to speak to your congregation or to any smaller groups within the church.  There are many ways to help children in foster care in West Virginia and we are eager to speak with you about ways we can work together.

Will you be our Valentine? Shop at and AmazonSmile donates to Mission West Virginia.

Will you be our Valentine?

Shop at and AmazonSmile donates to Mission West Virginia.

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